Best PC Roblox Executors (May 2024)

Are you looking for Best PC Roblox Executors? If yes then don’t look any further, Here we have listed Best Roblox Executors.

Roblox Executors are tools that allow users to run custom scripts within the Roblox game environment.

These executors essentially execute the scripts written by users, enabling them to manipulate the game, create custom features, and enhance their gameplay experience.

PC Roblox Executors

Roblox executors often provide users with features such as enhanced movement controls, in-game scripting capabilities, and other modifications that can give players an advantage or change the gameplay experience.

Here we have listed some of the Best Roblox Executors which you can use to enhance your Roblox gameplay experience.

Best PC Roblox Executors

Here are some of the best Roblox script executors available for PC:



Roexec, is specifically developed for Windows devices to run custom scripts within the Roblox game environment.

Unlike mobile executors, Roexec is specifically tailored for Windows PCs.

Unlike some other executors, Roexec doesn’t require obtaining a key from third-party sites.

Simply download and run the .exe file to inject the executor.

Roexec provides a stunning and user-friendly ui.

Roexec offers two paid subscriptions:

Weekly: Costs $7.8 for 7 days.
Monthly: Priced at $24.49 per month.

If you are new to Roexec, consider trying the weekly subscription first.

It empowers gamers to customize their Roblox experience, unleash creativity, and enhance gameplay.

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Arceus X:

Arceus X

Arceus X is a versatile Roblox executor that allows users to enhance their gameplay experience by running custom scripts within the Roblox environment.

Arceus X is available for both Android and PC.

It provides a mod menu that opens up various possibilities for Roblox players.

Arceus X is frequently updated to remain undetected and safe for users.

Some Notable Features About Arceus X:

⦁ Execute custom scripts using LuaU on Android devices.
⦁ Compatible with many popular scripts.
⦁ Allows continuous jumping within games.
⦁ Move faster than normal.
⦁ Manipulate the game environment.
⦁ Access a collection of pre-made scripts.
⦁ Bypasses most anti-cheat mechanisms.
⦁ User-friendly interface.

Whether you are on Android or PC, Arceus X can enhance your Roblox adventures.

Codex Executor:

Codex Executor

Codex Executor is a powerful scripting tool designed for Roblox.

It enables users to run scripts in Roblox games, which can modify the game’s behavior, add new functionalities, or enable various cheats.

These scripts can range from simple commands to complex modifications that significantly alter the gaming experience.

Codex Executor is available for both Android and PC.

It provides a mod menu that opens up various possibilities for Roblox players.

Users can access a collection of pre-made scripts.

To use Codex Executor, you need to obtain a Codex key.

The key expires every 24 hours, so you will need to get a new one daily.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Premium version to avoid the key process.

Remember to use Codex Executor responsibly and enjoy enhancing your Roblox experience.

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Delta Executor:

Delta Executor

Delta Executor is an online gaming script injector that allows users to modify their Roblox gaming environment according to their preferences.

It provides the ability to change features, enhance gameplay, and even level up your skills or other modifications.

It offers a mod menu with various customization options.

Delta Executor is available for both Android and PC.

Whether you are on Android or PC, Delta Executor can enhance your Roblox experience.

Synapse X (Paid):

Synapse X

Synapse X is one of the most popular and widely used script executors for Roblox.

Synapse X allows users to execute custom scripts in Roblox games.

This feature enables players to implement custom behaviors, create cheats, or add new functionalities to the games they play.

It offers impressive features like fast injection, Lua script capabilities, and a sleek user interface.

Priced reasonably at $20, it’s considered a safe download



Krnl is a free Roblox executor known for its stability and premium features.

Developed by Ice Bear, it includes a full debug library and a drawing library.

It provides unrestricted script execution, making it suitable for various purposes.

Krnl is known for its stability and reliability.

It receives regular updates and maintenance to ensure compatibility with the latest Roblox updates and patches.

Krnl faces fewer crashes and freezes compared to other free options.



JJSploit is another popular Roblox exploit tool used by players to manipulate or modify Roblox games.

It offers a range of features similar to other exploit tools, including script execution, enhanced controls, and more.

JJSploit is another free executor suitable for both beginners and pros.

JJSploit allows users to inject custom scripts into Roblox games, granting advantages like infinite health, aim-bot, auto-click, and more.

Its user-friendly UI supports various scripting languages, including Lua which Roblox is built upon.

Note: JJSploit may crash frequently due to constant updates.

Sentinel (Paid):


Sentinel is a Roblox exploit executor, similar to Krnl and JJSploit, utilized by players within the Roblox community.

It is recognized for its security features and its ability to execute custom scripts in Roblox games.

Sentinel offers a customizable UI, a dynamic code updater, and 24/7 support.

Sentinel offers users the ability to configure over 15 checks according to their game’s requirements.

These checks are designed to enhance security and protect against various types of exploits or malicious activities within Roblox games.

You can easily disable specific checks that aren’t suitable for your game or may result in false positives.

The setup is straightforward, requiring only a quick download from the Sentinel website.

After a paid download, users receive an email confirmation with a randomly generated key.

Script-Ware (Paid):


Script-Ware is a paid executor compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Its user-friendly UI encourages collaboration and social interaction within the community.

Script-Ware enables users to execute custom scripts within Roblox games, allowing for a wide range of modifications and enhancements to the gameplay experience.

Users can write or download scripts that implement various functionalities, from simple cheats to more complex automation or customization features.

It’s consistently mentioned as one of the best and fastest-growing executors for Roblox.



Evon is a free keyless executor that has gained popularity in the exploit community.

Despite being relatively new, it has made a name for itself with its features and stability.

Evon supports various execution APIs, providing users with flexibility in how they execute scripts.

Evon includes a built-in script-packed scripthub, offering users access to a wide range of Lua scripts and Roblox cheats.

Users can easily search for and execute their favorite scripts directly within Evon, streamlining the process of finding and using scripts to enhance their gameplay.

These were our list of some Best Roblox Executors which you can use to enhance your gameplay experience.

It’s important to note that while Executors offers these features to enhance the Roblox experience, it’s crucial for users to utilize it responsibly.

The use of exploit tools may violate Roblox’s terms of service and can result in penalties such as bans or suspensions.

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