How to Get Roexec License Key For Free (May 2024)

Do you want to get Roexec License key for free? If your answer is YES, don’t look further because you have come to the right place.

Roexec aka Krampus is a newly released Roblox executor for PC. Since it is a paid Roblox exploit, you are asked to enter roexec license key while registering or creating an account on

Without obtaining Roexec license key, you will not be able to register on and without registering, you can’t download Roexec for Windows.

If you are here to get a free Roexec or Krampus executor license key for free, don’t worry as we have you covered.

In this post, we will explain a couple of methods that can get you free License key for Roexec.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining Roexec License Key For Free (2024)

To download and use Roexec on Windows (PC), you will have to buy one of its two subscriptions.

Without buying its subscription, you can’t either download or use it on Windows.

However, we found a couple of ways that can be used to obtain free License key for Roexec and Krampus.

Participate In Giveaways

The first and legit way to get free Roexec License key, you need to take part in Giveaways conducted on YouTube and Discord.

Some YouTube channels and Discord server have been conducting Roexec License key giveaways. Those who win the giveaway will either get a 7 or 30 Day License key for Roexec.

The only drawback of participating in giveaways is you have a very small change hundreds of other people take part in it. Among hundreds of people, only a couple of people are given Roexec license key.

However, if you have not tried this method yet, give it a try. If you are lucky, you are most likely to get a license key for free.

Use Referral System

The devs of CodeX are considering to launch its referral system. Once it is launched, you will get a certain amount of money upon a successfully refer.

If you successfully refer a bunch of users, you will have around $10 deposited to your account.

Once you have got enough money in your account, visit its official website and purchase it now.

These are two easy ways that can be used to obtain free license keys for Roexec aka Krampus executor.

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